Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gallery Walk-- February 19, 2011

I have had another burst of photography inspiration! My last one was only a week ago... I think that's a new record (in Jude-land it is, any way...). For once, there aren't any new pictures of my dog :D

Feel free to critique if that floats your boat. I can take the criticism!

Have a good weekend, everyone!



  1. U my friend are awesome :)

    do u use picnik for editing?

  2. I used picnik for one of them (the flowers) and that was only to make it black and white (black and whiter than it was). For the rest of them, I used a built in program on my computer and adjusted the exposure so you could actually see what was going on. Other than that, nothing :)

  3. Found your blog through Blog Hop. This are great pictures! I love the cat and the leaf and both pictures of the flowers. I'm your newest follower. (:

  4. re: thank you soso much :) You have no idea what that means to me ♥♥


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