Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Midterms Week

As I'm typing this, I'm laying in bed watching (listening) to a documentary called "A Kalahari Family" because I need to watch it for my anthropology class.  It's very interesting, but I really wish that I was watching this because I want to and not because I have to.  I also wish that I wasn't so tired... I don't know what has been different about this week compared to the last midterm/finals weeks that I went through.  I don't remember being very tired the first time.  Maybe because I have months of college under my belt this time and it's finally beginning to weigh in on me.  Maybe because I've been going and going and going almost non-stop this year.

This school year I sort of hit the ground running.  The first week of college was busy and absolutely packed, filled with different activities to get to know the people who were in my orientation group and also to get to the know my campus and the surrounding neighborhood.  Once classes started, there were things to go to every day of the week and work to do afterwards.  Weekends were filled with work and socializing.  I was constantly looking for jobs, and when I finally found one, my busy-ness sky-rocketed.  I had little to no time for myself, so I decided a few months later that I needed to get out of that job and just slow down.  During the month of January, I volunteered in a fifth grade classroom and really got to know the kids there and I felt helpful.  It was wonderful.  Once February started, so did my classes and the work returned, though I think it's a little more manageable for me.  I only have class two full days a week plus one class in the morning on Fridays and that's it.  I'm still volunteering during the week and I no longer have to truly scramble to get my work done.  I'm able to get plenty of sleep.  I love the set up that I have.

I'm ready for spring break.  I need that week to slow down even more.  I might look busy during that week, but I'll be doing things that I want to do.  I'll be reading, I'll be making birthday presents for a few friends, I'll be visiting friends and family... I'll be sleeping in as much as I possibly can.  I'll be looking for summer jobs.

I'm studying for those tests right now, some classes more than others, but I really can't wait to stop and breathe out, even if that time only lasts a week.

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