Monday, June 23, 2014

A Review of 'The Wolves in the Walls' by Neil Gaiman

"Lucy hears sneaking, creeping, crumpling noises coming from inside the walls.

She is sure there are wolves in the walls of her house."

I have a new life goal: read everything that Neil Gaiman has ever written.  No matter if it's a children's book like this one, a graphic novel, or a regular novel of all kinds.  I will read them all.

This is kind of a freaky children's book.  Not because there are wolves in the walls of young Lucy's house, but the pictures are verging on grotesque.  The pictures are what scared me a bit.  The art style is interesting, for sure.  It's like a mixture of illustration and photography... like collage.  It has a really eerie feel to it and I just enjoyed Dave McKean's work so much.  If I didn't like the writing, I would buy this book any way purely for the art.
But I do like the writing!  It's witty and sometimes it sets my teeth on edge.  To me, it felt like everyone was in on a secret while Lucy was stuck outside.  They all knew that when the wolves leave the walls, then that's it-- that's the end.  But Lucy had never heard this before.  Does the rest of her family know that there are wolves living in their walls?  Are they just biding their time until the wolves finally come out of the walls?

If you're a fan of Neil Gaiman, dark stories, and charming children's books, The Wolves in the Walls is definitely a good pick for you.

I give 'The Wolves in the Walls':
Thanks for Reading!


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