Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Predeparture: Loose Ends

I have one week left before I leave for my semester in the Netherlands.  Things have been quite busy these past few months, but I didn't want to talk about them until the biggest things had been resolved and arranged.  So here are some things I've been working on over the summer regarding the Netherlands.

Classes and Applications.  The program that I'm traveling through, Central College Abroad, has a partnership with two nearby schools in Leiden, the Netherlands-- Leiden University and Webster University.  So students going through Central College can take classes at these universities to accompany classes they're taking through Central College.  I knew this was an opportunity that I could take advantage of, and I wanted to, but I didn't really know what I was supposed to do in order to have this opportunity.  Apparently I was supposed to apply to the college that I wanted by 1 April of this year.  But I hadn't gotten that memo.  Long story short, I applied any way in June and have been going back and forth with a lady at Leiden University (she's been incredibly helpful and patient with me) and with the head of the philosophy department at my university trying to figure out what classes would work for me and a few days ago, I received my acceptance letter.  So now, I don't know my Central College classes for sure (I know what I want, but I can't sign up until I get there), but I know that I'm taking Political Philosophy and History of Modern Philosophy at Leiden University and I will finish my philosophy minor here!

Blogging.  I've been rearranging this blog and making it pretty, but I've also been given the opportunity to be the official Video Blogger (vlogger) for Central College Abroad (for the Leiden program).  I'm excited because this is something that I'll be able to put down on my resume!  I'm also excited because this will be a good challenge for me.  I'm expected to make roughly a video a week, so I'll have to think about things to talk about, film, edit, and post.  It'll help me practice what I learned in my speech class last fall and in my video production class the spring before that.  I love using skills that I learn!  I've made one video already.  It's my welcome message and it includes bits about packing and things like that.  I also use my non-blog name (so scandalous...).

You can also read and watch what other people in the Central College Abroad program are up to throughout the semester HERE.  There are programs in France, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Wales, etc.  There's tons to explore and you need only look!  Now is also a good time to start applying for Spring 2015 programs, if you're interested in studying abroad!

So what do I have left to do at this point?

  • Change my return ticket (because I have classes at Leiden University and their classes go later than Central College, I will need to stay in the Netherlands longer than anticipated)
  • Finish packing (I was going to make a separate post, but that will either not happen or will be apart of my arrival in Leiden post/video)
  • Print out important maps and paperwork (just in case)
  • Make sure I have housing after my Central College program ends (see point 1 in this short list)
  • Get books for school (won't be done until after arrival in Leiden)
  • Board the plane (the most exciting and terrifying step)
My plate is full and my brain is tired from figuring things out and getting ready, but I really am excited.  Once I arrive in Leiden, I know that everything will be just fine.  Right now, I'm really nervous because this is something I've been waiting for my entire life (not much of an exaggeration) and it used to feel unreachable, but that's not really the case anymore.

While I'm studying abroad, there will be book reviews (I've been stockpiling a bit) but if you're here specifically for my study abroad posts, I will put a link in the side bar replacing my countdown clock that'll lead you to all of my predeparture and Netherlands Adventures posts for your convenience.

Thanks for Reading!  It's strange to think that next week I'll be writing to you from Leiden, the Netherlands!


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