Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fall 2014 in Numbers and Lists

I was thinking about this on my flight back to Amsterdam from Italy: what if I posted numbers, to the best of my knowledge, about the places I traveled and things I experienced during my semester abroad?  Once I started "crunching the numbers," I was kind of floored by what this semester consisted of (in a good way), so I thought I'd share with you too!

Day-to-Day Things

Number of Hours Spent in Class per week (between 6 classes): 14.25 hours
Longest Class: Political Philosophy (2.75 hours, consistently once a week)
Shortest Class: History of Modern Philosophy (1.5 hours, consistently once a week)
List of Classes: History of Modern Philosophy, Political Philosophy, The Netherlands and Its European Context, Drawing in Leiden, The Art of Photography, History of the Low-Countries
Time From School To My Leiden Home: 5 minutes (biking) or 15 minutes (walking)
Total Number of Days Away From U.S. Home: 131 days
Amount of Money Spent on Food for Roughly Two Weeks:  20 euro (about $26)
Cost of a Normal-Sized Bottle of Wine: 2-6 euro, depending on the brand (that's between $2.66 and $8)

The Netherlands

Number of Cities Visited in the Netherlands: 10
Number of Cities Visited Listed: Leiden, Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, Breda, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Texel, Katwijk, Appeldoorn, The Hague
Longest In-Country Train Ride (From Leiden): 3 hours-- Leeuwarden
Shortest In-Country Train Ride (From Leiden): 15 minutes-- Haarlem, The Hague


Number of Planes Taken (including U.S. to Netherlands and all return journeys): 12
Long Distance Trains Taken (to and from destination): 4
Total Distance Traveled Between Plane and Long Distance Train: 15,818 miles
Countries Visited: 8
List of Countries: Netherlands, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Morocco, Italy, Vatican City
Number of Languages Spoken: 7
List of Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Flemish, Arabic, Italian
Languages I Had A Grasp On: 3 (Dutch, French, English)
Languages I Didn't Know But Tried Any Way: 2 (Italian, German)
Number of Hostels Stayed In: 7
Number of Hotels/Bed and Breakfasts/Apartments: 7

If there are any other statistics you want to know that I didn't think of, leave a comment down below and I'll figure out that number to add to this post.

Thanks for Reading!


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