Sunday, April 8, 2018

How I'll Be Reviewing Books From Here On Out

Hello there!

Things are changing around here on this blog... I have had the urge to blog lately, but each time I sit down to write something, I have been plagued by the procrastination of my reviews from the end of last year.  I guilt myself into thinking that I should write those reviews first before I talk about anything else that's going on in my brain.  Here's why that's not possible:

1. I'm a teacher.  My schedules are crazy and I find that I'm busy more often than not with school work.

2. Despite what I just said above, I have been reading a crazy amount this year so far.  At the time I'm writing this, I have finished 22 books.  I don't think I've ever done this before.  I don't know what's come over me.  But anyway, because I've been reading so much, I'm also digging my review writing grave.

3. I have been trying to get better about moving away from the computer when I could be doing other things out in the world.  My entire world no longer exists behind the computer screen the way it used to years ago.

Because of these reasons, I have a thought on how things are going to change in terms of writing book reviews in a way that will free my mind up and encourage me to write more on other topics on this blog.

I follow a number of BookTubers on YouTube and they are inspiring this idea.  No, I'm not going to start a YouTube channel.  I don't think I have the personality for that (not to mention that if I'm having trouble finding time to write, I'm going to have more trouble finding time to script, shoot, and edit videos about the books I'm reading... it's time-consuming in a different way).  One thing that a number of these YouTubers do though is they upload videos at the end of each month where they talk about the different books that they read during the given month.  I think this would be a great way to solve my problem with getting reviews written and posted.  I would be able to catch up on telling you about and recording the books I've been reading (because there have been some true gems lately... I want to tell you about them) and it would be a smart way to move forward.

Some of these monthly posts will be lengthy and others will be shorter, depending on how many books I am able to read in a month.  Monthly posts will also mean that I'm not cluttering up people's inboxes if they receive updates from this blog via email.  All of my work will be in one place.

I'm still working on a layout for these posts, but I wanted to write a little something just as an update for those interested and as a record for myself.

Thanks for understanding my silence.  I'm still figuring different parts of my life out that work with my teaching lifestyle.  It's forcing me to be creative about accomplishing the things that are important to me and no one else while not neglecting my other responsibilities.

Talk to you soon!  Thanks for reading.


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