Sunday, June 13, 2010

California or Bust! (More Hopeful Planning)

Hello Everyone,

Things just seems to be running against me. I received news from the fiction contest I entered and nothing happened for me. That's all right, there are other contests. I found two or three more and I'm currently working on poetry for those (I'm not going to post them here, because they need to be previously unpublished, and I believe Blogger is considered self-publishing. So if you want to read them, I would be happy to send some to you via snail-mail or email). Plus, that contest was international. There was a very small chance I was going to get picked any way. And here's the other thing: I was hoping to work as a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp next summer, but you need to be eighteen years old to be a camp counselor. Thank you Girl Scouts of America... It does make sense though; I'm sure parents wouldn't want a minor looking after their minor children. So that will probably be something I do during college over summer periods. Which means, I'm stuck at home, yet again. I just want to get out and do something good and wholesome during the summer. Urg...

I have other hopes and dreams for a summer too. I want to go to California. More specifically, I want to take a train to California. I have never ridden on a train other than the Light Rail or one in Chicago. I want to go to California (like, next summer, maybe?) and then do some college visits (because I did find an art school in California that I'm seriously considering) and then, since I've never been to the state before, do sight-seeing like my parents did when they were there. I could look into some hostels and everything! I could learn how to read a map beforehand and then save up for airfare and stuff over this summer and the school year (if the places I applied to work with me and give me a job. I've done my part already... stupid economy...).

I have decided that my Australia trip will be postponed, yet again. It'll give me more time to save, plus I can look for a friend that's just as interested in going to Australia as I am. It would probably be more fun any way. We can split the rent of some place and stay for a month. Who knows, maybe it'll be my college roommate (yeah, I'm crossing my fingers).

Hooo.... have a good week, everyone :)


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