Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Lovely Weekend!

This weekend, my friend Avery invited me to go to an event that she had helped put on. It was an anti-racism/segregation/discrimination rally at one of the parks near my house. I invited Jack to go with me. I texted Avery to make sure that the event was public. It turns out that I understood what she told me the day before wrong. You had to be on the list to get in. Since my sister, Shannon, wasn't going, Jack took Shannon's invite. We joked around and called him 'Shannon' a couple times :)
It was a group of ten teenagers plus a few adults that put on this event. They all got up and said short speeches (some were prepared, others were said on the spot. But everyone said something).
Brother Ali (a rapper) was there as well to talk to us about discrimination and racism. He also rapped a few of his songs from his CDs. I had never heard of him before I came, but it was pretty cool to see. After Brother Ali had finished, we had an open mic where anyone could get up and tell their stories, rap, or do slam poetry. It was very cool. I wouldn't have expected some of the people to get up and do that. I didn't know everyone of course, but like humans do, I made a few minor judgments. This just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover!
My neighbors planted a magnolia try between their house and ours. I think it's supposed to sprout white flowers, which will be very beautiful when spring comes around.
I found this tag on the tree. It's so true!
The chickens next door seemed to be in a fairly good mood. When I went over to say 'hi!' they were busy clucking away at everything.
It was a beautiful day today. It was nice to have a window open. It's good to do that, because once the temperatures hit thirty degrees (maybe even forty) it'll be time to close the windows for a good three or four months.
People are getting ready for Halloween!
It was nice enough today where I could walk outside without shoes, but still cold enough where I had to wear my fluffy socks if I didn't want to put shoes on. I have an idea to spiff up the sidewalk next time I want to take pictures of my feet, but I'll have to do that when the sun is high in the sky.

My family's side yard.

Have a beautiful week everyone!



  1. OMG!!!! It's Avery!!!!
    Does she have a blog?

  2. Sadly, no... that would be so cool though! We could all be blog buddies!

  3. Yes! You should force her to get one :)


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