Saturday, October 16, 2010

Busy Nerdfighting

We went on an adventure today. Mall of America!
The first place we went was the place that sold bean bag chairs-- hint, hint, I would totally sleep on one in college! They were so darn comfy!
Another place we went to was Rainbow, a clothes place (because my fashionista sister and her friend were along). It had been jammed with more clothing than I ever remembered being there. It was like a jungle-- everywhere you turned, there was one more piece of that environment. Some of it reminded me of the Devil's Snare in Harry Potter; you really had to work to get through it all. There was nary a pathway to take to get back to the front door!
When we left Rainbow, we went over to the balcony. There was a crap-ton of people there! My sister's friend told us that there was this band from Nickelodeon called Big Time Rush that was coming to play. As we moved about the mall, all we could hear were pre-pubescent children screaming and shouting when these guys came on stage. We ducked into the Barnes and Noble, which just happened to be right behind the stage. It was horrible. When I went up to buy the books that I found, the cashier had to yell to tell me how much I owed and to ask if I had a Barnes and Noble membership. He even went through this entire explanation of what it would do for me and what I would have to do to get it, even though he didn't really need to... I definitely wasn't interested at the time.

Three levels of insanity!
I even got a picture of one of them (I don't know who they are, nor am I interested in learning their name) before the security guard told us to keep moving, because we technically weren't part of the crowd watching.
I also wrote my first Nerdfighter notes! I made three of them, one to go in each of John Green's books. They all say 'DFTBA Nerdfighters!' in case you can't read them.
I have seen so many videos of other Nerdfighters who went to their local Barnes and Noble, Borders, or Half-Price Books and they brought notes along to put in John Green's books. Every time I watched one of those YouTube videos, I decided that I wanted to do this sometime.

I will definitely do this again, but the next time I'll have longer notes to put in the books. I just went to the teen section to pick something new and exciting (or something I had already read before) and then I found John Green's books and I remembered all of those videos that I watched. I panicked, because I didn't think I had a pen or paper, but I did in fact have a pen, and I found an empty envelope that I scribbled on and tore up for the notes. If anyone finds these notes (there's one note in the 'Looking for Alaska,' 'Paper Towns,' and 'An Abundance of Katherine's,' books) let me know! They're in the Mall of America Barnes and Noble!



P.S. Sadie Hawkins was so much fun! We did a square dance and waltzed twice. We also went on a hayride where we got to see the big dipper-- it was huge! It was like it wanted to be seen! It was really cool!


  1. OMG u should soooo get a barnes and noble membership!!! me and my mom have one... best thing weve ever gotten!!! we save $$ every time we go there,, which is often!!!!

  2. The guy mentioned that, but the stupid concert overpowered any kind of sound, so I didn't really hear what I was supposed to do to get one. Do you know? It does sound like a good idea!

  3. i dont remember... just ask about it next time u go there. you pay $25 when u get it and whenever u renew it, but it so pays for itself :) if u read a lot. if not then it wont, but i know u read a lot, so i say go for it :)


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