Sunday, April 3, 2011


I live!!!

You probably think that this post is going to be a re-cap of my weekend trip to Chicago, yes?  Unfortunately, I must inform you that this is not that post.  I'm planning on making a video of everything that happened so that I may conserve space (because the really long posts are super annoying to read, I'm sure.  Just when you think you're done, you have several more volumes to get through).

I'm not quite sure what my homework schedule is going to be like.  If I have a free moment though, videos will be my priority.  In the near future, you can expect:

  • Two reviews (which, incidentally must still be written)
  • A LONTEM video that is overdue
  • A Chicago Recap video
But like I sort of said, school is my priority, so all of this will just have to wait until after all of that stuff.

Sorry to bore you tonight.  I promise to be a little more interesting in the near future.



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