Monday, December 12, 2011

Musings on a Less Than Awesome Day

Today has not been a fantastically awesome day.

First, my alarm never woke me up this morning.

Then, I discovered that a majority of the band that I play in does not like Harry Potter.  We had a song, we read it, it was beautiful and totally not a lame rendition of many of the songs from Sorcerer's Stone, and then it was voted off the island.  Now we're playing music from The Incredibles, Fiddler on the Roof, and Porgy and Bess.  I hate the Porgy and Bess song.  Am I a terrible person?  There is kind of an up side to this horrible occurrence though.  The Community Band gets to play Harry Potter now.  I'm going to ask my director when they're going to start playing it and then promptly join in on the next available Tuesday.  I think I'll do that tomorrow.

I'm having trouble finishing books.  Like I said in my previous post, I have three going.  That's changed.  I just received my fourth one.  I miss reading the books that I want to read and I miss writing reviews.  I'm trying very hard to finish "Never Let Me Go" so I can begin reviewing that.  If I can finish one, the others are sure to follow very soon.

Participation, for me, doesn't come easily in my college-level English class.  I'm constantly thinking about what we're reading and what everyone else is saying, but it's the saying things out loud part that I can't seem to grasp.  I got one of my essay/journal things back and there was a big fat C on it.  On the essay/journal things, this is a regular occurrence and I can't seem to shake it.  My teacher keeps telling me that I'm not articulating my points enough, but when I'm writing these essay/journals, it feels like I've reached my point.  He never elaborates on how I can elaborate and explain my points better.  It's really frustrating.  I'm not used to being bad at English.  I left the classroom today feeling incompetent thinking to myself, "Really?  You want to be an English teacher?  Yeah, your students are screwed..."  I keep thinking back to myself, "Yes, I really want to be an English teacher.  Just not like my current English teacher."  So I guess I'll never be a college English professor.

Math was better.  I can always rely on that class to be constant and mostly unchanging.  We change seats every once in a while, but that's about it.  The information is broken down enough where I can understand it and feel a little more competent at life again.

Biology is getting better.  It's chaotic, but it's getting better.  We're not receiving gobs of vocabulary words any more.  We're actually doing labs.  We spent last week doing a big packet, but now I can kind of tell you about the general process of DNA and RNA transcription.  I still don't feel good enough to take the AP Biology test at the end of the year, but I feel better about this class than I did last quarter.

After I got home, I went to my last piano lesson at 7pm.  My teacher and I spent a good fifteen minutes crying and reminiscing because we won't get to meet every other Thursday at 5:30 any more.  I love playing piano (even if I'm never going to be the next Lorie Line or some other famous pianist) and my teacher is absolutely amazing, but I can't bring myself to regret my decision to quit lessons.  I stopped in anticipation of everything happening at the very beginning of 2012 and then afterwards.

To counter these not-so-good events of the day, I was accepted to my last college-- I've been accepted to all four that I've applied to, which I'm really excited about!  Now I just need to make a decision on which one to attend in the fall.  I think I know which one I'm going to pick though.  I also have tons of felt that I want to make things with and it's making me happy.  This Thursday, I'm going to a meeting so that I can hopefully write an excellent one-act play and have it performed.  My eighteenth birthday is in 8 days (almost 7, since it's just about 11pm right now).

So I guess this day wasn't too terrible, in hindsight.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better though.

Tomorrow I have to go to school, so I'm going to wrap this up here.  Good night, readers!  I promise I'll have a review for you by the time it hits the weekend.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. sorry to hear that your day was not up to standards. I wish you many more awesome days to balance this one out.

    I got three free rolls of duct tape, figured out where my red lipstick is, and found a mathematical way to prove that my friend is a mutant. Good day for me :)

    sending you some positive vibes! (VWHOOSH!-that is the sound of positive vibes being sent) hope tomorrow is better :)


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