Friday, February 10, 2012


Hello Everyone!

So, my understanding is that Google Friend Connect is going away.  I did a little bit of research and I guess it wasn't very popular with other websites like WordPress or TypePad or places like that, so Google is removing it.  Blogger will still have it, so if you are following me and you have a google/blogger account, I do believe that you're A-Ok as far as the following thing goes.  If you have an account in a website like WordPress or something like that, this does affect you.  I would like to direct you to the Follow by Email thingy that is located under the welcome message to the right.  You know, if you still want to follow me.  I won't be mad and my feelings won't be hurt.  If you do sign up for the email notifications, I promise that I will never send mass emails because a) I don't know how and I don't really have the motivation to learn, and b) You'll get enough emails from this site anyway.  By the way, I'll work on cutting down on the number of posts per week so that I don't flood your inboxes.

If I've completely misunderstood what's going on, please let me know so that I can correct myself in the above paragraph.  Otherwise, happy blogging to you all, and I shall see you when I post the next thing (which will probably be later today, because there's Friday memes today).

Thanks for reading!


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