Friday, May 4, 2012

Movie Time! 'What Lies Beneath'

"When Clair Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) starts hearing ghostly voices and seeing spooky images, she wonders if an otherworldly spirit is trying to contact her.  All the while, her husband (Harrison Ford) tries to reassure her it's all in her head.  But as Clair investigates, she discovers that the man she loves might know more than he's letting on.  Director Robert Zemeckis delivers twists and scares galore in this chilling thriller."

When I got home last Friday, I brought in the mail and this was waiting for us from  Netflix.  So I watched it with my dad that night.

The movie starts with a family who is seeing their daughter off to college.  This part felt a little thrown in now that I have seen the rest of the movie.  It didn't really play a huge part in the movie other than giving the wife, Clair, a motive for being crazy in most people's minds.

After this, the movie still doesn't get started very quickly.  There's a lot of setting the scene.  We find out that Clair was in a car accident a year ago where she drove into a tree while going eighty miles per hour.  Again, I was like, "That's unfortunate, but why are they telling us this?"  This however, actually goes somewhere later.

Michelle Pfeiffer was phenomenal in this movie.  She was essentially two characters at once towards the late middle of the movie when things started to get interesting and began picking up pace.  We find out that this isn't going to be another 'Paranormal Activity' or 'The Haunting in Connecticut' movie, which was a lovely change.  We find out that this story is more about Clair and her husband, who turned out to be a better (more rounded) character than I originally anticipated.

Even if the beginning of this movie was really slow and a little confusing, it was worth seeing it through to the end.  But I don't want to give that away.

This movie is good for those that need a change from today's horror films.

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  1. I always think of my sister when I watch What Lies Beneath because Michelle Pfeiffer's character shares her maiden name.
    I've been a fan of Michelle longer than I care to remember so it's nice to read that someone else appreciates how good she was in this film.
    I hope you'll feature another Pfeiffer pfilm in your Movie Time! posts in the near future.


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