Friday, May 18, 2012

The Top 6 Most Exciting Things About Graduating High School

Since my last day of high school is a week from today and my graduation is on 31 May, I thought I'd start up the list trend again (they won't all be related to graduation and college, I promise).  Let me know what you think and feel free to add in your own two cents!  I like discussions ^_^

1. Now I Get to Study What I Want to Study!  Yeah, I will have requirements that I will need to fulfill in order to graduate from college, but I won't have such a limited number of class to choose from as I did in high school.  If I need to fulfill a health requirement, I don't need to take "Health Class Quarter 1," I can take tennis or volley ball.  If I need to take a science class, I'm not limited to Biology, Chemistry, Environmental, and Physics.  I could take astronomy, if that's available!

2. The Chance to Get Into a New Environment!  A lot of times, going off to college involves moving out of your parents house, so that's one way in which the environment can change.  Even if you're not moving out, you're not going back to your high school, you're in an entirely new school or you're working or you're traveling.  Whatever it is you're doing after school, it's going to be different than your average high school day.

3. New Opportunities!  I was lucky enough to be in a high school that liked when people became involved, so there were plenty of opportunities already, but with graduating, it means that I am of the age where I can do things that I couldn't do in ninth grade.  I have a stronger drive to get involved in theater, I'm at an age where more people trust me to hold down a job in the area... the list could go on an on and even include number four on this list.

4. Meet New People!  I switched schools for high school, so I've only been with this particular group of people for four years, but just like after middle school, I will have an opportunity to meet new people.  There is more of an opportunity to be social because just about everyone I will meet in college will be living with and/or around me.  I'm ready for this next step!

5. You Start School Later Than Your Siblings in Middle/High School (Unless You Do Sports)!  Just another thing I can taunt my baby sister about :)

6. No More Advanced Placed (AP) Classes!  I am so sick and tired of these.  I just finished my last one (Statistics) ever on Wednesday.  Good riddance, AP classes!

Thanks for Reading!  I'll mix these lists in between reviews of all types so that they don't get annoying and redundant.


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