Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday (3)

"The Spanglish Song" by Jay Brannan

I'm kind of in love with this guy.  I was searching around Pandora and I stumbled upon him, and that's when I realized that I've actually been listening to his music for quite a while!  He's a beautiful singer and guitar player.  The actual song starts about 54 seconds in.  He sounds just like the recording that I found on Pandora.  This makes me happy because it means he doesn't do a lot of, if any, auto-tuning.  It's so gorgeous!

"Breathing" by Temple Scene

I may have shared this song on my blog before today, but it's such a neat song that I thought that I would share it again for those that missed it the first time or are new followers of mine (hello there!).  I like that it's a quiet song that still manages to capture a feeling of intensity without resorting to screaming or heavy bass.

"August" by Julia Nunes

I know that I've shared this song on my blog before.  Same case as above.  I really like it when Julia did these songs where she just sat down in front of her camera (possibly laptop, though I doubt it because the sound quality is so good for a laptop) and sang songs like this.  It's very intimate and with such a heartfelt and beautiful song, it's even better.  I prefer this version to the one that was recorded for her album.

"Samson" by Regina Spektor

It didn't take me long to fall in love with Regina Spektor, but it wasn't instant.  For me, this was a song that I wasn't sure that I cared for until the second or third time I heard it.  I can't quite place my finger on why I felt  this way about it.  Now it's one of my favorite songs of hers!  I still want to share it with you, but for some odd reason, you can only watch it on YouTube, not in embedded form like this one.

Thank you for listening to these wonderful artists and reading my captions below them!  I hope I've helped make the beginning of your week wonderful!  Come back next week for more Music Monday!


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