Thursday, October 27, 2011

7 of the Most Annoying Qualities in Unruly Teachers

You know we've all had at least one.

Of course unruly teachers are annoying in general, but I've decided to compile a list of the most annoying (in my opinion) qualities of annoying teachers, mostly so I don't become one of these Annoyingly Bad Teachers.

1. Speaking Too Quietly.  All The Time.  I hate it when teachers think that they're speaking loud enough and even when we (being the students) let them know that we can't hear them, they don't change their volume.

2. Talking, Talking, Talking, Talking...  I have at least one teacher that does this.  We sit down to have work time and without warning, they'll begin to address the class about "small learning communities" or "respecting everyone" when we're doing just those things, but they can't recognize it.

3. Clear as Mud.  This drives me even further up a wall.  It's really irritating when teachers don't write down (even if it's online!) the assignments we are supposed to do and when they are due.  They just assume that we heard them the first time and if they have bad quality number 1 on this list, it's a huge problem.

4. Presumptuousness.  I've had this problem within the past few days, actually.  I like to make sure that I heard things right, so often times, I will ask again, just to make sure that I understood the first time.  My pet peeve is when teachers think I'm stupid for asking again.  That's not the only example, but I don't want to become even angrier about this just by writing about it more.  To be fair, I'm probably being presumptuous myself.

5. Dumping a Lot of Work On a Student in a Short Period of Time.  I'm not talking about projects, per se, but just a lot of little assignments to do within the span of a week.  Worst yet, the easy but time-consuming assignments that are numerous and due at the end of the week.  Seriously, it's not fair to anyone involved.  The students have more than one class and then the teacher has to grade everything times however many classes they have.  Really, who's winning this situation?

6. No Variety in Teaching.  Maybe it's just me, but I get sick of learning the same way every day.  I can't watch movies all the time (unless it's a film class), I can't take notes all the time, I need to do labs, I need to read different kinds of books, I need to do projects.  If a teacher does any one of these things more than 70% of the time, I don't know how everyone is expected to learn what they're supposed to learn.

7. Overly-Strict Bad Teaching.  When a teacher is in the middle of teaching and suddenly they'll just go quiet for seemingly no reason.  When we look around, we see that they're looking at one person and we're confused as to why.  Then they proceed to explain why this person is being disrespectful and then goes back to talking.  Or during group work time, they expect us to be dead silent.  I don't understand how the whole communication thing is meant to work...

Maybe it's a personality clash and maybe it's just pent up nervousness...

Before I sign out, I'll just say that this post was not meant to offend, merely blow off steam.  I apologize to no end if this has managed to offend you.  I have nothing but respect for the teaching profession and those awesome teachers that know what they're doing.

If this becomes a problem post, I will take it down, no problem.

Thanks for Reading!


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    ...I kid, I kid.

    One thing that bugs me is teachers who play favorites. Or who are nicest to seniors, or (this might not be an issue in your school but it is in mine) when arts teachers have no respect for the students who don't major in the subject they teach. God that bugs me!!!!!!!!!!! Though I am guilty of occasionally saying something like "oh, those music majors..." But I'm kidding most of the time. I'm only not kidding when they go on this insane speech where they speak Music, which I don't speak... yeah.


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