Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gallery Walk-- October 8, 2011

So, since I might not be posting reviews for quite some time, I thought that I would start posting more pictures.  It's a trade-off!  Any way, last weekend when I was getting my senior pictures taken, I brought my camera (it was in a couple of the pictures as well), so I took a couple pictures of and around Minnehaha Falls.  If you're not from or have never visited Minneapolis, or even if you live here and you've never visited the Falls, definitely look it up.  It's a great hike just going up and down the stairs, but even if you don't want to see a waterfall, there's so much to do in that area.  I haven't even tried everything there.

I will point out, however, that some of these pictures weren't from last weekend, but yesterday morning when the sun was just rising and it was a perfectly beautiful autumn morning.  I love this season!

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