Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goodbye, Blogosphere!

Alas, my kitty won't be able to come with me... perhaps next time, Quincy!

The time has finally come!  I am leaving for France!  I have a few scheduled posts to tide you over, but not all of the ones that I started.  So I'll have several posts where I share music with you and videos that I have made that I haven't already shared with you on this blog!

On another note, I plan to do daily vlogs while I am abroad.  Upon my return, I will gradually upload them and put them on my travel blog with a little something written to follow it.  I can't wait to share some (hopefully) amazing pictures, videos, and stories with you all upon my return (and I will try to to begin each blog spot with, "When I was in France...")

Au revoir!  A plus tard!  Bisous!

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