Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jude, Meet Pottermore

Hello there!

So recently, I signed up for Pottermore.  I've been sorted into Ravenclaw (after reading the description underneath the result, I can't say I'm sad that I didn't get into Gryffindor.  I live in a tower AND apparently I'm clever!).  I've also received my wand-- 11 inches, laurel wood, phoenix feather core, and (my favorite part) surprisingly swishy!

I have grown to love making potions (even though it takes a really long time) and I only kind of like dueling.  I can't seem to get the hang of it.  Those that can do it really well must be robots who can type really fast!

Aside from the "gaming" part of the website, it's actually really interesting!  One is able to essentially walk through each of the scenes in the books (if my understanding is correct, you can only go through the first book at this time) and you are able to click on most things and learn something that you couldn't know just by reading the books.  For instance, you can find out how J.K. Rowling chose the names for her characters (the Dursley's were pretty interesting, especially hearing about a time before Harry and Dudley were alive and there was merely a rivalry between the Potters and the Dursleys.  I'll let you read for yourself though).

If you would like to become chums on Pottermore, my username is ErisedSand6227!  Feel free to leave your usernames below if you have an account and I'll try and find you, if you'd like.

I hope that you are having an excellent week so far!

Thanks for reading!


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