Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Geez, Blogosphere, I'm sorry!

Hello there!

I realized that I haven't posted anything in a while, so I'll write an update for you!

I am now finished traveling for a while!  I loved the trips that I took this year (I'll blog about them later, as soon as I have enough time to breathe and all of those fun things that are essential to life).  I have tons of pictures and tales of adventure and I can't wait to share them all with you!

In other news, I think I've made my college decision.  There are still some questions that I must have answered, but they're not essential to my decision.  I have another week before I need to make my formal declaration to the college, so I hope that I can get that done soon and send in a deposit.  The next step?  Rooming.  It never ends.  That'll be exciting though!  The stressful part of picking a place to go is out of the way and I can take everything else in stride.  I know I won't have to get to know an entirely new city, just new parts of it.  I'm excited!  I think next year will be a great year!

I just found out that I have a month and seven days left in my high school career.  I'm nervous about this, but ready to move on at the same time.  High school graduates, is this a normal feeling to have?

Prom is also coming up.  See?  The events just never end.  I come home from running around the world (not literally, if you're just tuning in) and I come home and I have to hit the ground running again what with the end of high school looming not so far ahead of me.

This summer, I'll hopefully be working in the same job that I held last year (cross your fingers!  It's not a sure thing) but when I'm not working, I will have some free time.  I think that I will need a project.  The summer edition of NaNoWriMo certainly sounds appealing, so I'll do that and also gardening, but what else?  Do you have any thoughts of projects that could be done in a summer?  Or a series of small projects that could be done in a summer?

I'm working on putting more reviews out, so bear with me!

Thank you for sticking with me through this period of sparse posting!


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  1. Write a screenplay! I am planning on doing that this summer. If you decide to do it, get in touch, it'll be fun, learning something new together.
    Oh look just found your personal writing blog. Off to visit. X

    - O.ops I Read That Book!


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