Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Doppler Effect: A Physics Final Project

For my final project in honors physics (or, as a tribute to Mr. Hewitt, that thing that starts with an "F" and ends in "Isics"!) I had to pick something that we had learned about in class sometime between the beginning of the year to the present.  We're in the middle of a unit about light and sound (mostly light), which was convenient, because I could apply lots of things about sound to my every day life.  I picked the Doppler Effect mostly because it was easy.  Also, I hadn't heard anyone else talk about doing it.  I like not copying people!

So any way, enjoy the video and I hope you learn a little something (because that'll mean I did my job extra right!).

Have a lovely week!  I'm still working on the last LONTEM video, I promise...


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