Sunday, May 8, 2011

What...? How Did You...? Ummm...

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a nice Mother's Day!  Celebrate your moms and/or mother figures because they totally deserve it!

You may have noticed a change or two around here.  Maybe, just maybe.  I decided to go crazy and do a redesign today.  This included buttons, the background, and the banner.  Everything else remains the same.

I took on the style of line-drawings, which I thought was kind of a cool direction to go in when I was experimenting with Pixlr (it's very much like Photoshop, but free).  In case you were curious, the person on my banner and my button is me.  I took pictures and then I put them through Pixlr, adding a layer so that I could trace my outline.  Somewhat difficult and more than a little time-consuming, but I feel like I did an okay job.

So now, my lovely followers, I must pose a question to you: What do you think?  Should I change anything?  Is something just not working like it probably should?  I'd like to hear your feedback, if you have any.

Thanks for reading!


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