Sunday, May 15, 2011


One of the best nights in my existence!  Great Indian food for dinner (I just finished it for lunch this morning... still good!), beautiful corsage (that is currently in my fridge fighting for life), handsome date (^_^), and lots and lots of dancing!

 Anecdote time: While we were walking to the restaurant, on two occasions we were talked to.  The first, a nice guy and his car saying, "You guys look great!"  The second, two guys in a store.  One was confused and asked if we had just gotten married, the other one had it together and he said, "Naw, man, it's prom!  They're going to prom!"  Then they both proceeded to congratulate us (for what, I don't know) and told us to enjoy ourselves.  We were out until almost midnight, by which time, we were both deliriously funny from the need for sleep.

Now, I'm rather curious... if you've been to prom before, what was it like?  I find prom stories to be quite interesting, and believe me, I've heard a few today.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!  I'll be taking a field trip to try and finish my physics video and if I do get it finished and edited, I'll start working on the April LONTEM project video so that it's not two months late.



  1. I'm SO not a prom person (I've also never been) but it sounds like you had a great time! I especially liked that someone asked you guys if you got married. Hahahaha!!! XD

  2. Normally I'm not a dress-up person either. That's why a lot of my friends didn't recognize me when I got there ^_^

  3. Darling, every time i see a post about you and Jack I go "Awwwwww!!! ^.^" I may have to meet him eventually, if you're down with that...

    You look so cute in your prom clothes!!!! ^.^

    Sophomores are allowed to go to prom at my school, but i kinda wanna wait until im a junior/senior to go... plus i had nobody to go with, not even friends cuz everyone either had a date or didn't want to go at all... so im waiting till next year :) i might make my dress out of duct tape too! if i do you are helping me K? K. :)

  4. You haven't met him yet? Oh. I am SO having a party! Or at least a picnic, because picnics are great fun. I definitely thought I introduced you. I don't know why... I tell him about you all the time.

    Thank you, Ezra for the lovely compliment!!

    Definitely go to prom at least once and at least with a group of friends. If your prom is anything like my prom, it'll be amazing!

  5. My high school boyfriend and I went, and fell slam asleep at the after-prom party. We then went to a pancake joint and had the best breakfast ever...good times :) You looked beautiful, glad you had a great time!


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