Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspired Summer Challenge of the Day

So, whilst surfing the web, I decided to go to YouTube and in my subscription box, I saw this video by Neil Cicierega (that guy that created Potter Puppet Pals, if you're not familiar):

While I was listening to this little Masterpiece, I had this thought.  Actually, it was a thought conversation.  With myself.  Here's sort of how it went:

Me: Man!  I used to love reading Goosebumps when I was younger!
Subconscious: Dude, I totally remember that too.
Me: You know, I have a book blog.
Subconscious: No kidding...
Me: Nah, here me out.  I have this massively good idea.
Subconscious: Umm... 'kay... is this going to be like the 80% of the plans you think up that you don't end up doing?
Me: Maybe... but I feel really good about this one!
Subconscious: Okay then, shoot.
Me: What if I created a challenge for myself where I read through that entire series over the summer?
Subconscious: That would be awesome, but Jude, you're going to be working with the public school system this summer and then Marie is going to come back to visit from France with her family... where on earth are you going to find the time to do something like this?  Where are you going to find the time to eat, sleep, breathe, AND read all at the same time?
Me: Well, who knows.  But it'll be summer, the last summer I'll have as a high school student.  I don't think it would be the most acceptable to do this kind of challenge in college, or even the summer after high school and before college, so why not reminisce and be nostalgic about childhood while I still can?
Subconscious: I suppose you have me convinced... We'll give it a shot.
Me: I knew you'd come around some time!

There are lots of conversations like this between me and my subconscious.

So now my question is, would anyone be interested in doing this challenge with me?  If there are enough people, I could create a linky list that people can join at will.  It doesn't just have to be book bloggers, it can be anyone who is interested (I like flexibility).  I'm going to do it either way, I just need to know if a linky list is needed.  Go and vote in the questionnaire box up top (I'll call it The Questionnaire Box) and tell me whether or not you're interested.  I'd really appreciate it!


  1. Excellent! I'll at least make a button thingy then!

  2. Haha this is great.

    Liking the blog.

    Amy@adumbrations (new follower)

  3. Sounds like fun, but I've never really read all the Goosebumps and have so many other books to read, I'll skip this one.

    But stop by my blog and pick up an award I've got for you:


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