Sunday, September 11, 2011

About Me

(Baby Jude!)
Hello there!  I've decided to start making a few changes with my blog (nothing major, I promise) and one of those changes was attempting get rid of the 'Pages' bar at the top and replace it with pictures leading to an actual post.  We'll see how this goes.

Any way!  I got these questions from the Chapter Chicks and I thought it was a good idea!  So here we go!

Q: Why did you start blogging?This one sort of has a story.  Many, many years ago, one of my neighbors went to Mexico for a vacation that lasted a couple weeks.  He started a blog that detailed his trip (at the time) to San Miguel.  He's a great photographer and I was really impressed with what he did.  I wanted to start a blog myself.  I didn't know what it would be about, because I was really young and who wants to hear about the "hard life" of a twelve to fourteen year old?  Except in stories of course.  But as I started creeping into the world of blogging not too long ago, I discovered that many people were writing about what they were reading.  I thought it was a splendid idea!  So I kind of experimented a little, and I discovered that this style of blogging really worked for me.  And I could change and evolve as I changed and evolved.

Q: When did you start blogging?

Technically, late September or early October in 2009.  That's when I created this blog (I tried blogging before that, but it didn't work out.  Books are more interesting.  My previous blog has since been deleted).  So to answer this question, I became an active blogger in late 2010, when I had just become a Junior in high school.  It took about a year to turn everything around.

Q:Why did you name your blog "...It's Like a Whirlwind Inside of my Head..."
I gave my blog this name because basically, I needed a title.  I initially started this blog for a class and I was told that I didn't have to give it an assigned name.  In tenth grade, I was still riding the bus, which meant maybe twenty minutes or less of iPod time.  That was the song that happened to come up that day and it was still in my head.  It was this one, actually:

Q: Who designed your blog?
I did!  I've messed around with it quite a bit.  I found a solid colored picture on Google Images and then for the header, I took a picture of myself reading, brought it over to Pixlr (a free version of Photoshop, basically) and I traced around my shape.  Then I brought that finished project into Picnik and put the title in place.  I made my blog button in must the same way.  If you'd like me to make you a button, leave me a comment.

Q: Is blogging your job?
This thought spoils me.  I've considered monetizing my blog, but I figure I should try and get a "real job" before jumping into that.  Maybe someday, but as of yet, I don't want to deal with the pressure of keeping a consistent blog (I've tried, it's not really something that melds with my lifestyle, which is why I blog pretty sporadically, except for recently when I've been putting up scheduled posts every other day).  So, no, it's not my job, it's just a really fun hobby.

Q: How old are you?
I'm seventeen years old, turning eighteen in December.

Q: What is your favorite YA book?
Not a fair question.  Next!

Q: What Harry Potter House would you be sorted into?

Q: How fast do you read? Not lightening speed, but faster than a snail's pace.  It really depends on what's going on in life at the time.  If I have nothing to do, I could decide to finish an entire book in one day, depending on how long the book is.  I have no numerical values for you.  Sorry.

Q: Do you read more than one book at a time?
Absolutely!  It makes life more interesting.

Q: Do you read ebooks?
I've given them a try, but I tend to gravitate towards audio books or physical copies.  There's just something magical about holding a book in your hands and smelling the mildew-y smell of an old book and hearing the crack of the spine of a new book.

Q: What program do you use to edit your videos?
When I make videos, I will use my Nikon and Gorillapod tripod to shoot the footage, then convert the video into a recognizable format with Any Video Converter (it's a free program), then put it through Windows Movie Maker (for titles and rearranging video clips).  After that, if I need to put words in the video, I will put that finished Windows Movie Maker video through Windows Live Movie Maker, because I can put the words wherever I want, unlike Windows Movie Maker.  It's a bit of a process, but it seems to work out.

Q: You're not the only one that's made an appearance on this blog.  Who have you pictured or mentioned before?
 The Dhermands (Left to Right: Pascal, Eloise, Marie, and Cecile).  Marie has stayed with us on two occasions now.  She was our first French exchange student, but recently she came an visited from France just this past summer!  And we got to meet her family!

Marie is basically my sister.  A couple of the kids that we babysat for when she was here asked me, "Where's your sister?"  It's kind of difficult to explain that we live in two different countries to a five year old.
 My Family (Left to Right: Lisa "Mumzy", Jeff "Father-Unit", Shannon "Shenanigans", Me)
 Avery!  We were kind of friends in middle-school, but once we both landed in high school, our friendship took off and we've been inseparable (well, almost.  She's not here right now...)!  She the one I take all of my trip to Half Price Books with.  She's awesome-sauce!
 My seester!
 Ezra Zee!  We make crazy art projects together and we've also been friends since middle school (probably when I was in seventh grade, which would mean she was in sixth).  She motivated me to write 'Murder by Rulers.'
And this guy, Jack, my boyfriend of almost three years now.  This is kind of an older picture, but that's okay :)

Q: Is Jude your real name?  It sounds like a boy's name... are you a boy?
No, I'm not a boy.  No, Jude is not my real name.  Yes, Jude can be a boy's name.  Jude is my pseudonym.  I love the Beatles and I also read a book written by an author with the first name Jude.  I loved it, so I made it my pen name and coupled it with the last name Rosenberg, because I thought it sounds awesome.

Q: What do you do when you're not blogging?
Reading, of course!  Either that or I'm writing, hanging out with friends, going on adventures, taking pictures, or trying to finish up high school.  You know how it is.

Any way, hopefully you liked this post okay.  If you have any questions for me, I'll be sure to update this page with an answer.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Bahahahaha Griffenpuff!!!!! XD That totally cracked me up. :)

  2. Haha! Thanks!
    I definitely got that from one of John Green's vlogbrothers videos :D I love those things!


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