Sunday, September 18, 2011


That's right, I'm plotting.  you know what that means...


Well, typically that means that I'm making plans.  They usually involve a project of some sort.  I thought that I would bounce this idea off of you guys before it actually begins to take form.

So you know the LONTEM project that I'm currently neglecting doing?  My thoughts are that it's going to be something along the lines of that, only I'll be improving myself in different ways than learning new things every month.  I start college next year, which means that I'm already going to have to adjust to certain things.  So why not start now?  I could call it The College Countdown (TCC) or How to Win At College (HtWAC).  It would probably be shorter than the LONTEM Project.  The LONTEM Porject will come to a close on December 31 of this year (and hopefully I'll be all caught up with videos by then) and then in January 2012, I will begin TCC or HtWAC.

Whatever my project ends up being called, I will of course film what I do as I learn these habits as I have been procrastinating on doing for the LONTEM Project.

I've found out that there's actually a book called "How to Win at College," so I think I will base my list around the table of contents that I can get online.  I might just have to get this book though... and 'Miss Peregrine's...'

So here's my tentative list:

1. Write Outside of Class (I think I'll save this for April's Script Frenzy or the summer edition of NaNoWriMo).  Also, I'll include this one: Write As If Going For A Pulitzer.
2. Don't Undersleep, Don't Oversleep
3. Maximize Your Summers
4. Eat Healthy
5. Stay in Touch
6. Make Your Bed/Be Neat in General
7. Always Be Working on a "Grand Project" 
8. Seek Out Fun
9. Set Arbitrary Deadlines

This is subject to change of course, but I think that these points are things to do that can be done during high school and also over the summer before college.

I function well with projects and I think this will be more than a fun project for me to do (really, I can make projects whatever I need them to be, and fun is always right at the tippy-top of the list of criteria).

So I will try to obtain this books (and Miss Peregrine's...) before next year.  I'm looking at Amazon, and really, I think that's my best bet.  I'm so glad they sell used books!

Let me know if you have any college advice for me, I'm still making up my list and working out the details and also deciding whether or not this would be a good thing to do during the remaining months of high school (I know that everything is going to get really busy really fast, especially between the end of March through the end of May.  That's trips to testing to graduation).

So in this long-winded blog post, I'm asking you these things:

1. Do you think this is a good idea?
2. Do you think what I have on my list are good things to improve upon when it comes to college?
3. If you answered 'no' to number 2, what are some things that you believe would be good for me to work on?

Your input is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance!

Thanks for reading!


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