Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Peek Inside My Head: 'Murder by Rulers'

I'm sure that I've mentioned this before, but when I was in seventh grade, I began a story called 'Murder by Rulers.'  Since then, I have finished a draft, added to it, scrapped that entire draft, and started writing the same story (yet a completely different story) from the very beginning again.  In order to focus my thoughts some more, I decided to have a coloring day (when it was still summer) and work out what I thought some of the main places looked like.  I just wanted to show you what I've been working on since posting has been so scarce (save for the scheduled posts).  Enjoy!
 In 'Murder by Rulers' my character Kieran (originally named Edward, until I realized that half of my cast of characters had names from 'Twilight') works in his family's coffee shop called A Cup for Joe.  I described it in the story, but this is my visual representation of it.  I might have to redo that description, but that'll just have to wait until I get into editing mode.  Right now, I just want to finish.
 I tried to think of how I would design my own coffee shop and then couple that with places that I've already been to before.
 I had an upper area where Ella and Kieran played numerous games of Sorry!  They're later joined by Angela, who later becomes Kieran's love interest, though I still have to write those scenes.
 I love it when coffee shops have fire places!  They're so classy!
 This is the high school where Emmett (who later becomes Ella's love interest), Angela, Ella, and Kieran all go to school.  This isn't how I originally imagined it, but pretty close.  I guess this pictures is set inside the retaining wall of the school.  Yes.  Let's go with that.  I might have to go through and give this picture another try.  Maybe even make it lighter and easier to see.
 I want to make the front door much bigger and also higher off the ground.
I could even add in a more defined garden as opposed to this one that's just kind of thrown in wherever it fits.

So, that's all I have for you today!  I hope you liked it, and if you didn't, well, that's okay.

Thanks for reading!


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