Saturday, September 24, 2011


Excuse the obnoxious title...

This That Must Be Done This Weekend:
--Answer Biology End-Of-Chapter Questions (Due Monday)
--Take and Rewrite Psychology Notes
--Finish AP Statistics Homework
--Film and Edit Snake-Bite Video for Health (ahem, this shall be posted here when it's done... I'm sure it's going to be pleasantly awkward... and hopefully marginally educational)
--Finish Filming and Edit Alzheimer's Video (ahem, I'm planning on making two versions of this video.  The shorter one will be for my scholarship, the longer one will be posted here and on YouTube because it's such an interesting--but sad-- mental illness.  I want to educate the world.  Also, if I publish my video anywhere else, it will be disqualified and I won't be able to win moneys for college purposes...)
--Finish LONTEM Videos (ahem, if possible.  Weekends are far too short)
--Write One More Draft for English
--Take a Picture of Self and Finish Family Stay Letter Draft
--Fill Out Job Applications.  Also College Applications
--Take Pictures
--Write Whatever Reviews Can Be Written (ahem, I'm currently working on "Black Swan," if you're curious...)

Things I Learned Today:
--Writing Scripts is a Fun Activity!
--Wax Paper is Not Okay for Cooking
--Alone Days Are Nice
--I Need More Reading Days...
--It's Really Disconcerting Seeing No More Scheduled Posts... I Need to Fix This

Thanks for Reading!


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