Thursday, January 27, 2011

Desert Island and a Ton of Updates on Everything

I am in the middle of a reading an writing desert.

It really sucks. I feel like I'm wasting away on YouTube and in my basement because I have little to nothing to do when it comes to the two of the things I love the most.

When it comes to reading, a lot of things that I picked up from the library aren't piquing my interest enough to follow through with them to the end. Well, there's one, but I haven't had very much time to read it at night.

I'm really trying to get through one audio book. The walkman is working better, which I'm happy about. It's also nice, because then I can take notes without stopping the story (in preparation for the post that will eventually come after I actually finish the audio book. But I have nine or ten CD's to get through, so it'll be a little bit).

Writing. I tried to start something on the bus, but then another girl with a humongous back pack and a giant violin sat down next to me and I could barely move, so I had to stop, though my mind kept running. Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses...

I hope I find my reading and writing oasis pretty soon. This kind of sucks.

That's enough of the explanations.

Today, Senor Jack and I got tickets for the dance that is coming up in my school (I'm so excited!!! There'll probably be pictures beforehand, knowing my family...).

We have a couple concerts coming up, including what my school calls the Pops concert where we get to play a bunch of well-known and-- you guessed it-- popular songs. We're definitely playing Wicked, but then we're going to test-drive a whole bunch of other songs like Forest Gump and maybe the Muppets. Everyone's really excited!

Also, tonight, I find out where I'm going for a summer trip. I'm hoping for California, or New Mexico, or the East Coast (that is, if we even stay in the U.S. One year, I think a group went to the British Virgin Islands or something like that, but I kind of don't think we'll go that far... but then again, you never know!).

Alright, I'll be sure to have a review up pretty soon, since it's been a while. Until then, have a good day!


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