Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Shock to the System (But Not Really)

You might have noticed that there's something a little bit different about this page...

Yes, I have changed the style of my blog! I kept the background picture, because as I soon found out, picking a new one that fits perfectly without tiling the background is a humongous pain. I made everything lighter. It seems happier now, doesn't it? That's up for debate I guess...

Any who, tell me if you like this. I'm test-driving backgrounds, so if you see it change several times in the next few days, do not be alarmed.

Thanks for taking a peek!



  1. To be honest... I really really like it! :D

  2. Oh I'm so glad!
    The first part of your sentence made me nervous. I was like, "Uh oh..." but then good things were said and all is well with the world :D


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