Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 and The LONTEM Project

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hurray! It's 2011 and everything is new and swell!

Well, I suppose I should tell you my final decisions for my "Learn One New Thing Every Month" Project. I think we should abbreviate this in the future... from now on, it's LONTEM Project.

January: How to Make Crayons

I love crayons so much!

February: Say "I Love You" in 10-15 languages

Languages are quite fascinating to me, and this just seems more interesting than learning all of the swear words.

March: Yoga

My strange 10th grade English teacher (my initial English teacher) taught us how to relax through yoga. That was the one thing I enjoyed about English class the first half of the year.

April: Write a Script

It's Script Frenzy month! Plus, I've never tried it before, so why not?

May: Plant a garden and keep the plants alive

I've planted plants before, it's the keeping them alive part that I can't seem to grasp.

June: Juggling

I've always wanted to do this. I heard that it's best to start practicing when you're outside, so this month might be a good idea.

July: Snorkeling

First I have to find a snorkel. Then I have to practice breathing through my mouth. This will hopefully get me practiced up for when I swim with manatees.

August: Play a song on guitar

I cannot guarantee that the song I play will be good or if I will sing. If I do sing, I can't guarantee that that will be pleasant either.

September: Read Palms

Sounds interesting. I've never actually thought about learning this before, but I saw it on someone else's list and thought that was a cool idea.

October: How to cook something that isn't bakery related

You know, expand my horizons a little bit...

November: Successfully Write a Novel in One Month

There's a lot of cheating going on. For one, it's NaNoWriMo and for another, I'll be practicing for this throughout the year.

December: Build an Igloo

I've built the sides of one before, but the roof always caves in and I end up using an umbrella.

My plan for each month is to research, learn the subject, and then make a video including all of this information in it and posting it here. Fair warning: I reserve the right to change the subject of learning for the month and to switch a couple subjects around. This must be done before the start of that month.

Great! Now that that's done, let's move on to New Years...

What did you guys end up doing yesterday and today?

I went to my boyfriend's house where he, his family, and I played Wii (I got a chance to play Just Dance 2 and win lots of times again!), played board games (Clue, Mancala, Connect Four, Sequence, etc.). We also watched District 9 (very cool and interesting. I might do a review of it later, but we'll see how my mood is). We watched the ball drop in New York and then watched it again at midnight our time. I got kissed at midnight and then we watched the various musical artists play music that I mostly wasn't familiar with, but then there were a couple that I knew, but just barely and I didn't care for a couple. The cast of 'American Idiot' performed some snippets of their songs, My Chemical Romance was there, Avril Lavigne, ummm.... La Roux, Ke$ha (we were very confused as to whether the Ke$ha that was there was actually Ke$ha, because the one that was there looked really masculine, which I hadn't noticed in the real Ke$ha), Ne-Yo, Drake, Little Wayne (Lil Wayne? I'm not quite sure what "Lil" means... it's not a word, it's a nickname, like in Rugrats, or a lazy pronunciation of 'little.'). After the performances started to trickle to an end, I was taken home around 1:30 or 2:00 and now I'm here, writing to you and catching up on the slew of YouTube videos that were submitted while I was absent.

It was a really great night! I'm really excited for what's to come in 2011.

Happy New Years! I really need to get some sleep... I shouldn't be awake at 3:30 in the morning still...

Thanks for reading!


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  1. You should at least write down al the swear words... and give them to me :) I like swear words >:D

    I know a little about palm reading... I could teach you what I know...


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