Monday, June 13, 2011

Goosebumps Challenge

Hello there!

So, you might remember that I suggested this Goosebumps challenge.  Well, this post is to tell you that this is the official page of the challenge!

I'm having a little trouble working with the link-up tools, but I thought that this would work well enough with the comments and everything like that.

If you're interested in participating in this challenge, all you need to do is sign up in the comments using your preferred name, the name of your blog, and your web address.  As soon as people start signing up, I'll manually create a list of everyone and put it on the bottom of this page.  That way everyone can visit everyone's pages and see their progress.

You do not have to follow my blog in order to participate in this challenge.

Feel free to grab the button above, blog about it, tell your friends about it, etc.  This should be a lot of fun!

Level One: 3 Goosebumps books
Level Two: 6 Goosebumps books
Level Three: 10 Goosebumps books
Level Four: 15 Goosebumps books
Level Five: 25 Goosebumps books
Level Six: 30 Goosebumps books
Level Seven: 40 Goosebumps books

The Challenge begins on June 13, 2011 (today) and ends on August 31, 2011.

These Are the People Participating in the Summer 2011 Goosebumps Challenge
You could be the first!

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  1. I would love to participate in this challenge. I have always loved Goosebumps..I think I'll do either level one or two.
    Isabella Candy Delights and Story Time.


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