Monday, June 20, 2011

When You're Nervous...

I'm rather nervous right now.

It's a school thing, which shouldn't be happening, seeing as it's summertime, the time when school should not be a huge concern to me (except of course, if it's my job, which it's totally going to be, in a week).

Here's the situation: in order to graduate, I need to take a year of health and a year of gym.  That's four quarters or two semesters of each.  I have three quarters of gym and one of health complete, which means I have one last gym class (that's almost done) and three more quarters of health that I have yet to do before I can go on my merry way and enjoy an incredible senior year.

Here's my problem: I signed up for two online classes so that I can be half-way done with my health and gym requirements this summer, but I also signed up for summer school that I have to physically go to.  I've signed up for the gym class that I'm almost done with.  There was a mix-up with the dates and they both start on the same day.  So, just so I wouldn't screw myself over, I did not cancel summer school.  Summer school was my fall-back plan, and if online school fails me for whatever reason, I wanted to at least get that last 10% out of the way.  This whole situation is making me incredibly anxious.

I don't exactly know why I'm as nervous as I am.  It's probably just some kind of faulty wiring in my psyche.  The point is, I'm disappointed in the communication skills of the public school system in my city and I'm disappointed in my poor planning skills because I was fully aware of this problem before this whole thing was even a problem.

So now, I'm trying to combat this nervousness.  I'm resolving to stay up until midnight so that I can check and see if my classes are there in my online (which they aren't... I just checked... FML.  I never use acronyms on here, but FML.  This is so aggravating!).  Before this, I was listening to my current audio book 'The Marbury Lense' (you can expect a review within the next few days) and I was working on 'Murder by Rulers' (my writing project for the past several years).  None of those things really helped, so I came here, to the wonderful internet.  I'm writing a blog post to hopefully help me calm done because I am absolutely freaking out about this.  I want to graduate.  I want to be done with this crap.  I can't wait to go to work and have only innocence to deal with...

Needless to say, this blog post isn't being the most helpful.  I'm still freaking out.

I think I'm going to continue listening to 'The Marbury Lense' and play a game of solitaire.  I've found that this is a calming strategy for me.  My dog needed to get a shot and a blood draw today (purely procedural, nothing to worry about) and I began feeling sick, like I usually do when I'm around those kinds of things.  I went inside and started laying out the board and began organizing the cards.  I felt better.  I'm going to play one game, then go to bed, then wake up at six thirty and see if anything has changed.  I'm really, really hoping that the reason the classes aren't up is because there's no one working at the headquarters right now, what with it being 12:08 AM.  I'm going to check one more time and then continue with my plan.

Thanks so much for reading, if you did.  I'm sorry I had to come to you in a time of personal crisis (even if it is being blown out of proportion).


Update: I have had my situation mostly resolved.  I called the guy that was in charge of everything and he informed me that my application had been lost.  So he couldn't sign me up for the two classes that I needed, but he was able to give me one or the other.  So I'm doing health now, and I'm glad that I didn't choose gym, because I might have had to go running.  I hate running.  But health is actually relatively fun-- infinitely more interesting, any way-- and I don't have to do exercise journals.  After I got off the phone, my nervousness subsided and I was able to do an assignment or two before deciding that going back to sleep would be very beneficial.  Now I'm going to go make cookies.


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  2. OMG speaking of nervous, I have a doc's appt. on thurs. and I NEED A SHOT!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate going to the doctor! and I really really really hate shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the problem with going to the doctor is that you cant really fake a sickness to get out of it :/

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