Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Reading for Fun 50 Book Challenge!

Hello there!  If you joined us last year for the 2011 Reading for Fun 50 Book challenge, welcome back!  If not, no worries, everything will be explained in full.

This is a challenge purely so that at the end of 2012, you can say, "I've read 50+ books this year!" and then proceed to gloat to your heart's desire.  There really aren't any limitations.  You can read whatever you want (heck, even crossing over with other challenges, unless you want to make things a little more difficult and keep this challenge separate from your other challenges).  The sky is the limit for you!  Enjoy yourself!

If you're thinking of joining in, leave a comment below with your web address so that I (and whoever decides to join in) can come by and visit you!  I'm not very good at operating linky lists I'm afraid, otherwise I would absolutely put one on this post.

Enjoy your reading this year and Happy Challenging!



  1. I just might do this. I just finished one called "gingerbread" by rachel cohn this morning, and im a little over halfway done with "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy"... have you read that, by the way? It's delightful :)

  2. You totally should! The challenge (it'll probably be pretty easy for you, I imagine) itself is really flexible as far as how you know what happens throughout a book. I include downloadable books, audio books, and normal books, so you should get done in no time!

    I have not read either of the books you mentioned, but I love Rachel Cohn and I desperately want to read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"! Perhaps next semester will be more flexible as far as what I'm able to read for fun. CIS has been pretty unforgiving...

  3. I'll let you borrow it when im done! Gingerbread i borrowed from someone else otherwise id loan you that one too. it was pretty good. The friend who lent it to me said the main character reminded her of me.

  4. question: are you including graphic novels? because i have a huuuuuuuge list of graphic novels that i want to check out...

  5. Absolutely! When I made this, I thought that I'd include everything except for magazines, the backs of cereal boxes... that type of thing. Any kind of reading that requires you to think at least a little bit.


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