Sunday, January 1, 2012


For Blogging

  • Read a bigger variety of books
  • More videos!  
  • Finish things that I began in 2011 before moving on to something new
  • More projects
  • Successfully complete challenges
For YouTube
  • Vlog every day in one month (June?)
  • Make teaching videos (maybe)
  • Make only positive comments and walking away from the not-so-good videos.  Someone will tell them what's not working.
For Life
  • Seriously, procrastinating
  • Become more organized (already in the process)
  • Be more positive (Maybe start a Positive Tumblog?  That seems like the place for shorter postings)
  • Appreciate what I have
  • Don't be too critical
Yeah.  I think that's a good list for now.  It's definitely subject to change though.

Thanks for reading!


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