Saturday, July 24, 2010

RetroFit Follow-Up

YouTube is a wonderful thing. It's way better than the blogger video uploader.

If I remember correctly, I promised that I would upload the videos that I captured at the Beatles thing I went to (if you're interested in reading about it, the post is entitled 'RetroFit.'

"Here Comes the Sun." I think? I can't remember which songs go with which videos. If it's wrong, I'll edit this little description thingy... no big deal! Did I mention that I love my sister to death? :D She's the Jumper towards the end of the video.

"With a Little Help From My Friends." Personally, I love this song. It's a 30 second video, so I can't really remember if this was one of the better ones we heard.

The people that attended this event were definitely the best part! I wouldn't be surprised to find that there were old hippies there. Great fun!

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