Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Going to be a Host Sister!

This is really exciting! We get to pick up our foreign guest in about four hours! She’s from France and she’ll live with my family and I for three weeks (so until the end of July). I don’t really know where all that time went (here I’m going to go really nostalgic on you). It seems like it was just April (I think that was the month) and we were discussing whether we wanted to host another French student again or not. A few days ago, it was mid-April or early May and we were getting confirmation letters telling us that we had gotten our first choice of the students we wanted to host and we had started sending emails back and forth so she would know what she was going to do while she was here and what kind of things she needed to pack. And now… the day is finally here!

We’ll pick her up at the train station by the air port and then we’ll take her to her new temporary home. I hope she’s excited to be here. It’s kind of weird to think that at 5pm yesterday, we were in the same city.

I remember reading messages from her in French (“Une semaine!!!! J’ai trop hâte! Demain!!!”) and I was really excited

Tomorrow, we whisk her away to our family reunion. Three hours in the car and then we spend the night at my cousin’s house. So that’ll be adventure numero un!

Well, I had better go eat lunch, shower, and all of the things one should normally do in a day. Enjoy your day, bambinis!

(Oh! Did I just throw a little Italian in there? I do believe I might have).

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