Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buster the Baby Bunny

Hey guys!

I have a story to tell.

Today, my friend, Avery, and I were biking home from school. We were nearing the end of our block, when we saw a cat run out into the middle of the street, chasing something. That little something was a baby bunny. We shouted at the cat in order to scare it (that worked pretty well) and then we left our bikes on the side of the road and went searching for the bunny to make sure it was okay.

We ventured into my neighbor's yard and started searching through all of the plants so we could find it. When we saw it, we went after him. One of us finally caught him and we were trying to figure out what to do from there, when it jumped out of our arms and tried to hop away.

(I'm going to refer to the bunny as Buster now. It just simplifies things).
(I didn't have time to take a picture of Buster, but here's a picture that looks very similar to the real Buster baby bunny (say that 10 times fast!))

Because of the very small size of Buster, he fell through the space between the bars of the drain. So now that poor bunny was in the drain and we were laying down in the street trying to make our arms long enough to reach the bunny and bring it up again. I went off to get carrots (probably thinking that it would be interested and it would sink its teeth in far enough that I could pull the poor guy up... not the smartest plan). Avery stayed at the drain and eventually, Buster came close enough where she could reach down and scoop him up.

Meanwhile, a couple of my neighbors were passing by and they came to see what was going on. We looked at Buster to see how hurt he was-- the poor guy was hurt pretty badly... there was a patch of fur missing from where the cat attacked him and there was blood coming from his mouth and nose. My neighbors offered to take the bunny to Roseville where there was an animal rescue center and Buster could be fixed up and treated.

I don't know how Buster is doing. My neighbors said that they would call me and I told Avery that I would tell her when I knew something.

Please send good vibes and thoughts or whatever you want to call them to Buster while he heals. The poor guy needs happy thoughts and medical attention.


Update: Probably the fastest update in the history of updates.... my neighbor just came over and told me that the bunny is going to be okay!

Apparently the bunny is a she... so, maybe Sunny would be better...

Any way, Sunny has been given antibiotics and is being stitched up. So all is well! Your good thoughts paid off in the short while that this was up!

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  1. Woohoo!! you go Jude!!!
    *1000 vegetarian points for saving a baby bunny!!* :)


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