Friday, September 17, 2010

To The Art Gallery!

A few years ago, I went through this phase where I would spend hours in my sister's room (because that's where our computer was at the time) working on MS Paint just working on things like this and trying to get better. These are my later works, so of course they're better than the first ones. The first section is where I emphasized grey-tinting (personally, I prefer these and any visual of this nature) and the second section is where color is emphasized. Those are mostly early works, but I'm still happy with them.

I was trying to clean off my computer a little this evening and I happened upon these, so I figured, why not? Enjoy!
My little sister asked me to do this one. I had run out of ideas and she told me to draw a room like the ones in the Titanic movie. I know it looks little to nothing like the rooms in the movie, but that's okay. Nothing's perfect. I'm not happy with the walls, but I'm happy with how the human turned out.
This one requires a little bit of explanation... I wrote a story where right away (in the prologue) there is a murder. The girl lying on the ground had had wine that was laced with poison (how original, right?). The boy lying next to her in lamenting over her death. He is later blamed and killed for murdering her (thought, I don't think I wrote that part... I never actually finished that story).
I wonder if I'll ever go back to doing stuff like this... I'm certainly very out of practice, but I bet I could pick it up again if I really tried.

I highly recommend that you go on YouTube and search 'MS Paint' and watch some of the videos that come up. They are infinitely better than my works up there. It's mind-blowing how good they are! Each of these only took about 1-2 hours (probably less). The ones in the videos take somewhere between four hours and several days. That's right. You heard me (read me?)

Any way, thanks for reading and looking. I really appreciate it.



  1. Jude -

    Hi. It's Hannah again! I just wanted to say that your pictures are AMAZING! It's hard to believe you only have 6 followers! Maybe you should advertise some more xD


  2. Hi Hannah!
    Thanks again for reading!
    Do you have any ideas as to where I could possibly advertise more? I've tried Shelfari (that worked!) and I've told some of my friends and family, but I don't really know where to go from there.

  3. Hey Jude-

    No problem!
    It helps having more people to help advertise, and telling people on other sites about it. Something you could try is go around, looking at other blogs and following ones you really like! Who knows, maybe they'll follow back!


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