Friday, September 10, 2010

Pop Singers

Good evening, everyone! Or, good morning, depending on what time you are reading this.

I have finally scheduled my Pop Singers audition! It will happen on September 17 at 12:40pm. Here is the process that everyone who auditions must go through:

1. Sing the pre-chosen song of your choice. Here's mine:

I do hope I do it justice!

2. Note-matching:
Basically, the people who will be present for my audition will play notes on the piano and I have to match them to the best of my ability with my voice. Last time I auditioned, I think she said it was to figure out my range.

3. Sight-reading:
Basically, I'll be given a piece I've never seen before (unless I'm lucky) and I have to try and sing it. This is the part I'm absolutely nervous about. I'm a horrible sight-reader.

Luckily, I have time, so I can practice matching the notes and then maybe that will pay off when it comes to sight-reading.

Any way, I just wanted to post something tonight. I mean, it's the weekend. I have a couple days to do what little homework I have. I really don't have an excuse not to write a post other than "I didn't feel like it."

You can expect at least one post from me tomorrow, because I'll be baking like crazy! I'm going to be making French bread and bread sticks (so I can use up all of that yeast that I found in my cupboard) and cup cakes (because I volunteered to make two dozen of them). So this could be quite eventful.

Outside of blogging, I'll be finishing up a sock monkey for a friend, continuing to re-write 'Murder by Rulers,' and doing homework. That just about sums up my weekend! I hope yours goes quite well!



  1. Sight-singing is kinda hard, but just practice it a lot. it gets easier :) i had to do it in choir last year and in previous years which ive been in choir...

  2. I'm glad it gets easier. That really helps!


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