Saturday, September 4, 2010

State Fair

Oh, the Great Minnesota Get-Together!
I went to the State Fair with my sister, Shannon, and my neighbor, Faye. When we first walked in, we were pretty much in awe of everything. Of course we'd been there before, but still, there's so much there and you're trying to decide what you want to do. We went into Heritage Square first (very Scandinavian). We didn't spend too much time there. Instead, we went farther in and we decided to go on a sky ride (or whatever they want to call it). It was really cool! I had never ridden on that before. It was basically a big hovering box attached to a cable, but it was still really cool!
(Left to Right) Me, Shannon (this picture is courtesy of Faye)
They also had many bonsai trees on display in the horticulture building. I was not even aware of this building, much less the bonsai tree judging!
We also went to the dairy building. In the dairy building, there's this lady that stands in a rotating, refrigerated room and carves people's heads out of big hunks of butter. Looking at all that butter: eewww.... Watching her carve a face: actually quite interesting.
Then we moved on to the animals. Starting with horses!
They weren't all walking around like this. This particular horse just had a show to get to!
This was the biggest boar at the fair. His name is Reggie. He's 5 1/2 years old and he weighs 1,450 pounds. He tried to get up and see everybody while we were there, but he struggled to do so with all of his weight. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen... why do people do this to these guys?
Sleeping sheep make me very happy!
Sheep almost-kisses
Dred-lock sheep
Sheep that remind me of the KKK with their hoods and other coverings. I've never seen them do this to a sheep. It was really quite frightening.
Mid-shearing. Just look at the bottoms of the legs! They look like leg-warmers!
The biggest safety-pin I have ever see. I am still in awe.
A very sociable goat! He tried to eat my bag :D
At one angle, he looked like an over-sized rabbit. But he's not. He's a goat.
I thought the bulls only had nose-rings in movies! I was proven wrong!
Pretty cows :)
Goat judging
A very large, very feathery chicken
I just love ducks. They're so very pleasant!
A very fancy hat!
We went to this place where they sold Greek food and they were having karaoke. Needless to say, we stayed for a while-- it was a lot of fun! No, we didn't get up and sing anything.
It was a very fun day. I was very tired by the end. We went and got our bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies and then headed home so we could eat them with milk and take a nap/unwind.

Happy Labor Day everyone! Wait, is Labor Day even a happy day? I guess we'll just go with it for now. Either way, have a good long weekend!



  1. i had a bonzai tree once!!!!! his name was jerry :) he was very pretty... but then he got stolen :(

  2. Poor Jerry...
    Rest in peace, darling <3


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