Sunday, September 26, 2010

What A Wonderful Weekend!

My cousin McKenna came over this weekend and we had an awful lot of fun! Besides watching movies, we did leave the house. Hurray for Field Trips!
We were driving around the lakes in the city and they have some crazy-cool houses around the parkways and the lakes themselves. I really like the windows on this house. Actually, I'm surprised by the quality, because I was in a moving car while I shot this.
This right at the lakeside. It was a very, very nice day...
My dad and McKenna in the front seat (and I'm just being a creeper)
One of the homes closer to the lake
I'm quite fond of this one too. Driving down the parkway!
We drove by the Rose Garden (but we didn't go in. I'll have to take a field trip next summer).
We found this guy on one of those electrical boxes by the street. Peek!
Another one of the houses by the lake. They all have so much personality because they're so different.
We went into the cemetery by one of the lakes, because no one had been there but my dad, of the four of us in the car. There was a grave that marked where a couple of young people were buried. One was... I think one of them was in their twenties or thirties, while the other was seventy.
Sometimes you can see art scattered throughout the cemetery.
This one has a bit of a story behind it. We were walking amongst the graves when we came upon someone with the last name 'Sit.' Part of their grave was a bench :) We're not sure, but we thought this writing was Chinese.
If you look closely, it looks like the trees have faces
There's also a lake in the middle of the cemetery. My dad said that they built the cemetery around this lake, which was very nice to hear.
I also had a babysitting job! I took this as an opportunity to try some experimental photography (and yes, of course I was still watching them).
I got to swing too!
Very interesting shadow patterns
Ugh... there were some beautiful colors out there... my camera does no justice at all... I think it's about time for an upgrade.

On top of that, I finally put up my bulletin board (hurray!) and I made banana bread with a bag of humongous chocolate chips! It's more chocolate than banana, I think.

Tomorrow, we start another week. Have a good one, everyone!


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