Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Class Schedule for Senior Year!

First Semester:
1. Psychology (Berglund) Hurray!  A class that I actually want to take!
2. Wind Ensemble (Carter) Hurray!  Second year!  Not because I failed, that's just how it works :)
3. CIS French 4 (Davis) Hurray!  Preparing for my trip to France!
4. CIS-Intro to Lit (Rathbun) Hurray!  College credit!  Also, first year my fourth hour isn't a math class!
5. AP Statistics (Niemiec) Meh, not as excited about this one.  But I like the teacher!  He's cool!
6. AP Biology (Teacher A) Not sure what to think about this one... I don't know who this "Teacher A" is... I also don't know where my classroom is, because the room number they gave me is that of a storage closet.  What do I do?

Second Semester:
1. Holocaust (Anderson) Dang it!  No abnormal psychology... sad day... but it should be interesting nevertheless.
2. Wind Ensemble (Carter) Hurray!  Washington D.C.!  
3. CIS French 4 (Davis) Hurray!  France!
4. Lit and Film (Bormann) Hurray!  My first 'fun' class!
5. AP Stats (Niemiec) Not excited about AP testing...
6. AP Biology (Teacher A) Hurray for... consistency?

Alas, my summer is drawing to a close... I'm fairly excited for my last year of high school!  I'm so ready to get out and see the world!  These classes seem like a good way to go out.  Along with applications, FAFSA, and scholarships... you know how it is.

So yes!  I just thought that I'd throw this out there.

Thanks for reading!


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