Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gallery Walk-- August 10, 2011

Hello there!

Just to get some blood flowing (figuratively, of course) I thought I put up a Gallery Walk, since I just got back from my weekend trip Up North.  Hopefully this will tide you over until I can get up some actual posts with substance (namely, reviews and videos... I've got a few of each brewing).  But for now, hopefully this will suffice!

 There's a little "cove" without a cave where there's really shallow water (that's not including the who knows how many feet of mud underneath) and there's tons of lily pads and flowers.  It's gorgeous and so peaceful.
 This will be one of the first places (definitely not the last time) where I've been a bit of a camera-creeper on this trip.  This is my neighbor (one of them).  We went on this trip with them, because they were so nice to invite us!
 A little bit of a fishing for fish was going on, but also fishing for crayfish that lived under the dock.  Don't worry, we put them back.  There was only one fish that lost its life because it was stupid and basically swallowed the hook.  There was nothing we could do.
 This was on a day where the weather was weird.  One minute it would be sunny, then it would start to pour, then a few minutes later, there would be blue skies again.  As a solution, we decided to go into the town (city?) of Ely.  This was an old land office, but I like to think of this as my debut in Urban Exploring.  I love this style and this kind of photography, so hopefully I'll get to do more in the future!  Cross your fingers for more abandoned buildings...
 My friend Marie who's visiting my family and I from France.  We're at the Bear (berr) Center.  I love candid shots :)
 The sunset on our last night at the lake.
Everything from the moon to the stars was absolutely clear last night.  I think this one is better than any of my other moon pictures.  But practice makes perfect, so here we go!

I've got tons more pictures and I will edit more and gradually put them up, but I like to put recent pictures on here, so most of them will probably end up in the video I'm throwing together tonight.  

So, about the internet situation... I completely forgot that there was no internet access, only what we could get through cell phone towers, and then there was one iPad (which are great fun!) to share between ten people.  But really, it was nice to be away from the internet.  But because of this, I have some projects to do within the next few days (reviews, videos, picture posts, etc.).  That's something to look forward to, I guess :)

Thanks for bearing with me!  More posts to come soon!

Thanks for reading!


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