Friday, August 5, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

... there was a seventeen year old kid who liked to dream.  Oftentimes when she went to sleep at night, she would dream the most vivid dreams.  The night before, she dreamt of her beloved Nikon and that he was once again whole and in perfect working order.  She firmly believed that life itself was trying to torture her.

When she woke up the next morning, she immediately met her family's first exchange student from France and was sad that she did not have a camera of her own to document this wonderful trip and the return of her friend.  Many hours later, a phone call was received, but no one was available to pick up the receiver on time.  Her dear  sister informed her that National Camera Exchange had contacted her and that there was a message waiting for her to review.  

The kind gentleman that had left the message for the young maiden to find had called to inform her that her camera had been repaired (or was it replaced?  That's not important...) and it was waiting for her to pick up at their shoppe in Ye Olde Edina.  

The young maiden leapt into the air and immediately went about calling her mother and father to ask if they could "pretty please with sugar on top go and pick up" the beloved Nikon from Ye Olde Edina...

...and of course they said yes!  So what does this mean?  My camera has been fixed and I get to bring it home today!  Hurray!!!

So what does this mean?  Well a couple things.  List time!

  1. Some shopping is in order.  When I go and pick up my camera today at National Camera Exchange, I'm also going to pick up the tripod that I've been looking at.  One of the nice things about working is the pay checks, and now it's easier to afford things like this awesome flexible tripod!  This will mean more interesting pictures (hopefully) and an easier time when it comes to making videos (no more piles of books and a swivel chair or even my arm holding up the camera during videos!).
  2. I'll be able to catch up on my LONTEM videos pretty soon.  They'll probably be a little out of order, but they will be done by the end of the year, I promise.  This month, I'm going to learn how to make soap with my neighbor (I won't release her name, because I have to ask first).  So far, I need to make videos about gardening, juggling, and communicating in sign language (that's right, the list has changed a little bit).
  3. I get to document the rest of my friend Marie's second trip to the U.S. while she's living with us and when her family comes to visit in less than two weeks.  This was such great timing!
  4. I'm going up to a cabin between Sunday and Wednesday, so I'll have my own camera for that and I won't have to worry about setting my mother's camera to my own preferred settings and then have her change everything back to her preferences.  And I'll never have to use flash (I hate flash).
That's it!  I just thought I'd write a really long post about my camera because I'm so freaking excited!  

One more list.  Posts that you can expect in the near future:
  1. I just finished my first formal job, so I want to tell you how that six weeks went.
  2. I just finished listening to 'Delirium,' so there will be a review.
  3. I finished two plushies and I would like to share them with you, if you wouldn't mind.
Thanks for reading!


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