Saturday, November 12, 2011

Afternoon Thoughts

Thought One: I should really write something for my amateur writer blog...

Thought Two: I should create a travel blog and get Chicago pictures up and prepare for France and Washington D.C.

Thought Three: I had a dream last night that my poor little Siberian Dwarf hamster, Sullivan, was eaten by a dog (that wasn't mine) who cornered him... I hate REM sleep sometimes...

Thought Four: I wish these biology notes were done

Thought Five: I wish I could clone myself a few times so that I could clean my room, write Murder by Rulers, do everything mentioned above, and take a nap.

Thought Six: I want tomato bisque... REALLY bad... writing makes me hungry.  Maybe I shouldn't write about food to eat on a date-- er, lunch get-together... sure, I can have inside jokes with myself.

Thought Seven: I'm not a fan of Lady Antebellum.  I'm changing the Pandora station.

Thought Eight: I feel REALLY good about how the concert went last night!  I'm sad that I'm the only bass clarinet in the Wind Ensemble, but I think that it's only made me work harder because I'm not relying on my stand partner.

Thought Nine: It's so beautiful outside!  It's November 12, a time when typically it should be cold and not so pleasant, but instead, it's 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny!  It might just be a picture day today :)

Thought Ten: I need more things for my scrapbook for my Host Family... I guess there will be three big projects going simultaneously today.

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