Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Later today, my family and I are going to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving.  Instead of family, we're going to have neighbors dropping by whenever they can, whether that's for dinner or afterward for football.  I'm really excited for dinner though.  It's one of the few holidays where we can eat stuffing and a lot of other yummy things and have it be okay.

For me, Thanksgiving has never been about celebrating the pilgrims.  Yeah, I've heard the stories, but I didn't find it worth celebrating.  It's a day to sit back and look what you have right in front of you-- plenty of food on the table, good friends and family, whether they could join you for dinner or not, things like that.

I thought that I'd continue my habit of making lists and make a list of a lot of the things I'm thankful for.  They're not placed in any particular order.

1. Internet Access.  Without this, almost nothing that I do would be possible or it would at least be very difficult to do.

2.  Friends and Family.  Without them, I would be bored and lonely.  Not to mention that it would be hard to come by really cool people.

3. Metro Transit.  They help to get you from Point A to Point B in one piece and usually the drivers are pretty friendly, which is great, because being a bus driver can't be the easiest job in the world.

4. Finished College Applications.  I can now enjoy good food and company without having that stuff hanging over my head.  Bring it on, waiting period!

5. Music.  I would be bored and my life would be drastically different without it, considering that many of my hobbies are music related.

6. My Current and Previous Schools.  Yeah, we might have had a rough relationship at times, but in the end, it's going to make me better and it'll be the starter block for something even greater to come.  If I get nothing else out of my schooling experience, it'll be cool stories and a high school diploma.

7. My Boyfriend.  He quickly became my best friend and he's kept me sane for almost three years.  Thanks for dealing with my mood swings, being there for me always, and helping me function normally in society, love!

8. And last, but not least... You.  My Followers.  Without you, I would just be talking to myself and that's just weird.  So thanks to all 165 of you, I have an invested hobby that has and always will keep me interested and motivated to read everything that comes my way.

Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks for Reading!


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