Sunday, August 8, 2010

Architecture Camp

All last week (Monday through Friday) I attended Architecture camp at the University of Minnesota. We were presented with a challenge: to create an outdoor environmental art gallery and cafe. Here is what we came up with...
This was my group's name. Rem Koolhaus was an architect that was known for his modern design (in his day and age). He's known as the "bad boy" of architecture if you can believe it! We were told to cross architecture and rock 'n roll and create a super awesome group name. R.E.M. the band, and a variation of Koolhaus's name-- Cool House! Clever, yes? P.S. I came up with the tagline at the end: "Architecture Unplugged."
This was our display at the end of the week. We put pictures up on our little section of walls that had inspired us during conceptual design and little diagrams that we had drawn to convey ideas that we had to the other people in our group.
This was the day before we had to have everything done. It's looks okay, but it only gets better! Call me biased....
I'm trying to capture the facade that we attempted to build. We wanted it to be made out of the remnants of the 35W bridge that fell down a few years ago as well as recycled windshields and steel (which is 95% recycled already). The weaving towards the bottom of the picture was meant to simulate steel wire that would ultimately provide shade and allow plants to climb on it. The tinfoil on top is supposed to be the same material that the Weisman Museum is made up of.
I did not make this. A girl in my group did. But how cool is this tree???
Here is the final product! I'll try and walk you through this from right to left...
On the right, there is a staircase that leads from the main floor of the Weisman down into what is the art gallery. If you turn right (pretending that you are in the gallery) you will see the kitchen (that thing attached to the side of the building) and by extension, the terrace. Those slabs of concrete are where tables are going to be placed. The terrace sits right next to the reflecting pool, which can be carved out to form ice sculptures in the winter (making this place multi-season). As you approach the end of the terrace, you will see a ramp that will bring you around the tree (which is pre-existing) which will allow someone to be immersed in nature. When you reach the street, you would cross a section of concrete that has stones mixed in with it and you would be led across the street to an overlook of the Mississippi River. There would be extra seating and bike/mo-ped parking.

Unfortunately, my group did not win. But, we did come away with a spiffy pen and sketch pad! This made for a very fun week! I can't tell you how much I had to make my mind bend to find solutions for even the smallest of problems.

Have a great week, everyone!


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