Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Second Day of School

As long as I'm in school, there will be posts regarding school, so bear with me here.

It was the second day of school, and I have to say, it was much better. I'm not going to break it down class by class, merely the ones that stuff actually happened in.

Hour 2: Wind Ensemble-- We actually got to play music today! The nice thing about being in this band is that there aren't any freshmen (I love freshmen, don't get me wrong) so we don't have to explain some things. We can skip right over those things because we are all quite familiar with those things. So we get to start right away! And, let's face it, we have to, because our first concert is in a month. One of the songs we are playing is so awesome, and I can actually play it! I was really worried about that when I found out I got in.

Hour 5: Honors Physics-- This class seems more like a psychology class right now. I'm really enjoying it, but the girl next to me doesn't seem to like this very much. We did this little exercise thing to prove that everyone's brain works in different ways and it isn't necessarily a bad thing. My teacher presented to us a rectangular piece of wood with three holes: a circle, a square, and a plus sign. Our job was to figure out one solid piece (made out of wood) that would fit through each and every one of those holes. I hate ruining surprises (trust me, some guy ruined another exercise for us and I still hadn't gotten the answer at that time). My challenge to you, my very smart readers, is to figure out what that piece looked like. I'll try and show you either tomorrow or when I remember next. Be sure to remind me if you're really curious!

Hour 6: AP English-- My spirits have been lifted towards this class! Though the teacher has not gained back the respect that I lost for her yesterday, the class is much better already. I talked to her about the ridiculous circumstances of the summer homework. I told her that taking half credit off of an assignment that I never got was very unreasonable. She proceeded to tell me that it would still be half credit, but when she gets to grading for the first time (mid-semester) and if I have all of my assignments in at top quality (which they will be) she will give me the rest of the points for that assignment. If she had bothered to tell us this yesterday, we could have avoided all of this drama.

Any way, I will end my rant here. All in all, my second day went far better than my first day.

Enjoy your week!


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