Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Junior Year -- 2010-2011

I know what you're thinking... "Jude, why the heck do you have a freaking picture of a tiger? It obviously has nothing to do with student life and academics." Au contraire. It's actually my school's mascot. We are the South High tigers. Fear us.

In this blog post, I present to you what exactly I'm going to be doing all year long.

1st Hour: French 3 (with Madame Campbell)
2nd Hour: Wind Ensemble (aka 3rd level band with Mr. Carter)
3rd Hour: Government/Economics (with Ms. Lanik)
4th Hour: Pre-Calculus (with Ms. Fitzgerald)
5th Hour: Honors Physics (with Mr. Rozeboom)
6th Hour: AP English Literature and Composition

I didn't want to make a blog post until I knew, because it would be stupid to write a blog entry reserving space just for this purpose (it's not like I'm competing with anyone on this blogger account).


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